White Belts in Life

WBiL #3 - Jimmy Viola & Joe Gates

Episode Summary

Jimmy Viola & Joe Gates join our 1-Stripe White Belts for the 3rd "official" episode of the White Belts in Life Podcast.

Episode Notes

The highly anticipated 3rd "official" episode of the White Belts in Life Podcast is upon us! It's the audio entertainment your ears have been yearning for.

In this episode, our 1-Stripe White Belt Hosts are joined by........guests! Two of them, in fact.

Jimmy Viola and Joe Gates jump in about an hour in to the episode.

Jimmy and Joe are versatile entertainers who've collectively participated in a number of realms, not limited to: comedy, improv, music, burlesque, martial arts, and even professional wrestling.

We touch upon Jimmy and Joe's experiences in these areas, and reminisce over old-school UFC bouts and Wrestlemania main events.

Prior to the guests, CMatch and Rick share some of their typical banter, and touch upon fetishes, drinking alcohol, and strength training seminars.

We're not even sure if anyone reads these blurbs, so that's probably enough writing. Just listen to the damn show........please?!?


Intro/Outro Music - "Pink Glass" by Heavy Temple

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