White Belts in Life

WBiL #9 - Stephen Metzinger

Episode Summary

Everyone's favorite Personal Trainer, Stephen Metzinger, joins us for this 9th official episode of the White Belts in Life Podcast.

Episode Notes

Fear not, fellow White Belts!

The ambrosia your ears have been yearning for is upon us. The wait is over.

CMatch rides solo on this 9th official episode of the White Belts in Life Podcast, as we welcome Mr. Stephen Metzinger on to the show as our guest.

The topic of fitness is a recurring theme and point of discussion on the show, as it is one of the unifying qualities that brought our hosts together, in addition to being the industry in which both CMatch and Rick work.

Many of our listeners probably hold that same interest, and a few may be itching to make their living in the gym, and work as a personal trainer or coach.

Like many things in life, the reality is quite a bit different than the expectation, and Stephen has more "in the trenches" experience as a trainer than just about anyone we know.

Stephen has worked as a trainer in every possible setting, and he worked his way up the ladder the hardest possible way, starting out with a single client and slowly building himself to become a fully-booked, full-time trainer.

We discuss this journey and share our experiences of working directly with clientele. Hopefully this will give those listening a very realistic idea of what it is like to start out on, and slowly work down, the path of being a fitness professional.

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