White Belts in Life

WBiL #10 - "Big" Chris D'Amico

Episode Summary

Fellow White Belt (maybe), Big Chris D'Amico pontificates with CMatch on this 10th official episode of the White Belts in Life Podcast.

Episode Notes

Ambition. Motivation. Success.

These topics and ideas are often brought up and/or discussed here on the White Belts in Life Podcast.

Most wouldn't offer much argument to the idea that these words carry some inherently positive energy and are worth pursuing or striving for in life.

We're certainly no self-help gurus, but in the age of social media, it is difficult not to be taken by the current of the "grind for success" ideology.

However, as White Belts, we are obligated to examine any and all new techniques that may be useful to us, and perhaps it is worth speaking to someone whose definitions for the aforementioned words differ from that of the status quo.

Enter Big Chris.

Chris D'Amico is a former gifted high school student who rejected the trajectory society had in mind for him. Yet, he's he's created a perfectly happy existence for himself, an existence absent of what most would call "ambition".

Embracing the grind isn't for everyone, and we hope you enjoy this synopsis of a conversation that has taken place between these two many times previously.

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Intro/Outro Music - "Pink Glass" by Heavy Temple

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