White Belts in Life

WBiL #13 - Dexter Kodat

Episode Summary

Dexter Kodat, Personal Trainer and former CrossFit coach, joins us as our guest on lucky Episode #13 of the White Belts in Life Podcast. Rejoice!

Episode Notes

Lucky Episode #13 is upon us!

Get ready for some "Kodat Moments", because Mr. Dexter Kodat, Strength Coach and CrossFit outcast, is here to serve as our guest this week.

Dexter is a very knowledgeable coach who's worked in a variety of different settings within the fitness industry. One of which is CrossFit, the wildly popular and controversial fitness trend that our our usual White Belts, CMatch & Rick, have approximately zero experience with.

We discuss the good and the bad of CrossFit's effects on the industry as a whole. We also touch upon: the significance of the CrossFit Games, Greg Glassman, steroids, and our favorite resources to learn from within the field of training and performance.

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Intro/Outro Music - "Pink Glass" by Heavy Temple

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