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WBiL #14 - Joey Szatmary

Episode Summary

Joey Szatmary, PA's Strongest Man and the keeper of the Lion's Den, joins us for Episode #14 of the White Belts in Life Podcast!

Episode Notes

The White Belts are back, and we've brought along an exciting new episode for your auditory entertainment pleasure!

We're ecstatic to have Mr. Joey Szatmary as our guest on this 14th episode of the White Belts in Life Podcast.

Joey is the Owner and Head Coach of The Lion's Den Elite Training in Colmar, PA. He's also a competitive strongman (having recently won the title of PA's Strongest Man 2017), and a former Olympic Weightlifter.

The White Belts have been tuning in to Joey's rapidly expanding YouTube channel for close to a year now, and we've always been struck not just by his knowledge and enthusiasm, but by his honesty and transparency.

Joey's entrepreneurial journey is one rife with adversity, and after hearing his story there's no doubt that he's the exact type of guest we had hoped for, someone finding fulfillment along an unconventional path in life.

Joey faced the loss of 2 different facilities within a calendar year. But yet, he was able to find a way to persist, and has since gone on to create the Lion's Den - a growing and inspiring training environment that has never been stronger.

In this episode, we discuss: the logistical odds of opening the Lion's Den, why strength training became Joey's passion, coping with mental health and motivation issues as a fitness professional, and what Joey's done right and wrong as an entrepreneur.

We think that Joey will be a prominent face of the fitness industry for some time. He was an extremely hospitable host, and we truly enjoyed getting to know him!

Check out Joey and the Lion's Den at any of their pages below. If you're local to the Greater Philadelphia Area, you're crazy not to pay a visit to the Den in-person.

Lions Den Elite Training on Facebook and Instagram - @lionsdenelitetraining

Lions Den Website - lionsdenelitetraining.com

Joey Szatmary on Instagram - @szatstrength

Joey Szatmary on YouTube - Szat Strength


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