White Belts in Life

WBiL #21 - A Return to the Lions Den with Joey Szatmary & Dexter Kodat

Episode Summary

The White Belts in Life make their triumphant return to the Lion Den to visit with its steward, our good friend Joey Szatmary.

Episode Notes

The White Belts in Life have reached the Blackjack episode, and there's only one way we wanted to ring it in, with our good friend Joey Szatmary -
steward and head coach of The Lions Den Elite Training in Colmar, PA.

This podcast marked our 2nd trip out to the Lions Den, and this time we brought along our good friends and White Belt alumni, Dexter Kodat and Abraham Dunmeyer.

The four of us sat down for a round-table discussion that covered: Joey's transition to Strongman competition, the upcoming LionSate classic Strongman competition, workout motivation, overcoming injuries, and finding balance as a competitive athlete and entrepreneur.

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out Joey's ever-growing YouTube channel over at Szat Strength.

Also, if you're in the tri-state area and want to check out a Strongman competition in-person, you owe it to yourself to attend the first ever LionSATE Classic, co-promoted by Joey and fellow YouTuber, Gym Owner, and general badass - Brian Alsruhe.


Intro/Outro Music - "Pink Glass" by Heavy Temple

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